About your Wedding & Equine Photographer

Photography - plain and simple, I love it. I started out with a film camera in high school. I've always been a hands-on person. I love being able to have a vision, create it and follow it through to the end.

There's nothing else quite like horse photography. I love seeing all the hard work that goes into building the bond between the horse and rider. Being able to document a few of those moments to keep the memories alive is what I live for. 

Wedding photography has a special place in my heart. More than 50 years ago my loving grandparents got married. They didn't hire a photographer to document their wedding day. Reminiscing with my grandma, she told me she wished she'd invested more in her memories because the few snapshots they have are not enough.

I do what I do so my clients have the photographs that keep their memories alive for years to come.

Horse photographer

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