The photoshoot of all photoshoots started off with Alyssa and I getting lost. I blame the GPS for sending us in a giant circle. After realizing we drove right past the stables (3 or 4 times) we made our last u-turn. Sigh of relief - we made it!

As we walked in to see our beautiful models Sonia and Q (and their gorgeous humans), we knew the photoshoot would make us forget about getting lost.

Sonia and Q were calm and collected during their photoshoot. Even with all the loud fireworks going off in the distance.

We were privileged to watch the horses play in the setting sun. What an experience!   

As the day came to an end, we were beside ourselves with how well the photoshoot went. 

Thank you Brittany and Jordan for being unbelievably confident and comfortable in front of our cameras! 

Rebeca ParoComment