Horse Portraits in Wisconsin

Horse portraits

One thing I like about portrait sessions is all extra attention your horse gets. This experience brings them joy and creates tangible memories for you. Penny loved all the hugs, kisses, and praise she got from Justine two weeks ago at their photoshoot.


Justine and her horse Penny have been creating their bond for over 23 years! I was honored to be a part of it, if only for a few hours. We started off at the barn where we met Penny and her stall mate Mo. Penny and Mo do everything together - so much so that Mo came along to watch the photoshoot!

Horse with tongue out
Horse portrait
Barn horse

The day was warm, so we found comfort in the shade. The tree line made for a perfect backdrop. Penny did everything Justine asked of her. Their connection was evident. 

Summer horses
Horse kisses

The sun started to set and we moved to a small, secluded river. We watched as the beauty unfolded before us. They became one with her red dress dancing and sand falling under Penny's hooves.

Red dress and horse

Red dress and horse on beach

horse on the beach

Horse photo

Still wanting to play around, they went running into the river. Soon after relaxing in the water, they ended their session walking along the beach with a few snuggles. 

River and horse

Horses and water

Red dress

Horse photographer

Sunset beach

horse and red dress

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