Missouri Fox Trotter


Missouri Fox Trotter

I've been so lucky to meet wonderful people and their horses with my photography business. A few months ago I met Zach, his wife Ashley and their horses.

I had the honor of photographing Rocky, their 3 year old Missouri Fox trotter. Zach rescued Rocky when he was only 6 months old. Rocky loves the water, so they spend a lot time together at the lake. 

We started out our session in their back pasture with all the tall grass. Rocky was happy to run free and showed off to his friends in the next pasture. Next, we took a short walk across the street to an open field. We caught some of the setting sun on the hill top before we went back to the trailer to get saddled up. We ended our outing with one last run to his pasture buddies.

horse walk
Rocky-15.jpgRunning horse
pasture time
Horse face
Horse in pasture