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Many horses look like they would be fun to ride across the country. I know I’ve thought about just taking off on a horse and seeing where they might take me. The truth is not all horses have been taught how to connect with human riders. It takes a lot of time and hard work to get a horse to trust the rider.

I met up with Jeff, co-owner of 4thehorse, where they specialize in training, horse massage, and farrier work. Jeff knows how important it is to have a bond with the horse you ride. He has been training Granger, one of his client’s horses, for a few weeks now. Jeff is working on building and gaining Granger’s trust by taking control of his feet and asking him to move. Jeff patiently watches every action and reaction with a purpose, reassuring and rewarding the horse for the correct responses.

After working on the ground, Jeff makes his way to the horse’s back. Not everyone can just hop up on a horse and crack a whip while the horse stands perfectly still. No, this all stems from a true understanding of the communication between both the horse and rider. Jeff has put trust in Granger and he’s showing his respect by trusting him back.

Now think about how much more enjoyable your trail ride could be with a horse that truly wanted to take you though the countryside!


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Building trust with your horse

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